7 important things international students should know before starting an individual support disability course in Perth 

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Disability can be acquired from birth or after facing an unavoidable accident. Although people with disability are different from us, they do need love and respect. While people do want to help the disabled, charity and donation are not a choice for either one every time.

Thus, the Australian government has recognised various disability-related courses to uplift the lives of disabled people and also inspire students who want to earn money by offering their services professionally.

Among various disability courses, certificate iii in individual support disability and Cert 4 in individual support disability are popular ones. In fact, they are popular as disability support worker courses and individual support workers. 




What is a disability support worker?

Disability support workers assist disabled people with various daily duties, including personal hygiene assistance, mobility assistance, shopping tasks, meal preparation, domestic activities, social event organisation and many more.

To be specific, disability support workers provide assistance in three core areas: household, personal care, and emotional support. 

The role of a disability support worker is: 

  • Provide care and support to people in the community who are living with mental health conditions as well as physical disabilities. 
  • A disability support worker empowers and encourages clients to improve their quality of life. 
  • A disability support worker must visit clients at their homes or even provide live-in support work at a supported independent living home. 
  • They should work under the direct or regular supervision and guidelines of an organisation. 
  • To work with clients and give assistance with daily tasks and activities, they must employ modern tools and technologies.


The Disability Support Courses

A career in disability services necessitates a high degree of expertise and knowledge, so if you intend to advance beyond entry-level positions, a recognisable certification is essential. With such recognized qualifications, you may professionally assist those with disabilities. To earn a reputed qualification in disability, especially in individual support, we have three options: 

  • Certificate

It includes Certificate 3 in individual support disability and Certificate 4 in individual support disability. These courses will teach you how to master the art of giving exceptional personal care while also providing you with up-to-date information on industry laws and regulations. 

  • Diploma

Diploma programs provide a wide range of disability course alternatives and placement possibilities in the local region. With a diploma, you’ll be prepared to work as a case manager or program service coordinator. 

  • Bachelor Degree

Bachelor’s degree in disability offers fundamentals of psychology, sociology, rehabilitation and special education. Graduates of this degree can work in disability education, support, advocacy, respite, and government policy development. 


What is Certificate 3 in Individual Support Disability?

Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) equips students with the skills and knowledge needed for a rewarding career in the disability support industry. In fact, Certificate iii individual support disability offers you a specialised qualification and opportunity to work in a community and/or residential workplace, offering support to people with disabilities. 

Moreover, with Certificate iii in individual support disability, you can be a professional and then set your path to help people as well as earn.

To add more, Personal Care Worker, Assistant in Nursing, Community Care Worker, and Disability Support Worker are the  Career Outcomes of Certificate 3 in Individual Support (Disability).


What is Certificate 4 in individual support disability?

Certificate 4 individual support disability provides students with the knowledge and skills to enable disabled individuals to accomplish their objectives and live their lives to the fullest. You can work in residential group homes, training resource centres, day respite centres, clients’ homes, open employment programs, and other community settings after finishing the certificate iv individual support disability.

Furthermore, as a professional, you can do activities to maintain personal care and other daily living activities for persons with disabilities, as well as activities connected to an individualised plan or NDIS Care Plan. 


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Why should an international student study individual support disability courses?

  • These disability courses are short-term courses. 
  • These courses and certifications help you get internships in reputed and local care homes. 
  •  The Cost of Living in Australia is tough; thus, having a good job is a must. Relating to that, jobs in disability support and aged care are among those high-paying jobs. 
  • You will help disabled people have a decent life. You can also understand the culture and experiences of such individuals in Australian Households. 


7 important things international students should know before starting an individual support disability course in Perth

While embarking on your journey in pursuing an individual support disability course in Perth, you must look for the basic 7 aspects. Let’s look into them in detail. 

  • Time Limit

There is a saying, “ Time is Money” Our life plans or career plan do need a timeframe; thus, for completing a disability course in Perth, international students must look for a course that completes in a short period of time. Talking about courses in individual support, especially in disability, you can complete them within 1 year or, the longest, 1.5 years.  

  • Subjects Included

Now, subjects do matter because, in the long run, one may have to specialise in a specific topic. Thus, when you choose individual support, you have the option to choose disability or aged care, although both share some subjects.

Further, you can also look into major subjects, elective ones, practical training and internship.

  • Method of Teaching

The teaching method plays a crucial role as the online study may not get us to travel to and fro from college, dress up, and actually get to know the professor closely, but offline you surely can. In fact, with offline courses, you tend to learn from experience and even have your practical classes covered well. But you can choose online or offline at your convenience. 

  • Entry Date

You must check for the entry date so that you can apply on time and then get your seat reserved to pursue the desired course from your desired university/college. 

  • Fee, Funding and scholarship

For international students, a low fee or getting funding or a scholarship are among the most exciting things in life. So, always check for the total cost of the course on the college’s website or contact the designated person for further queries. To earn a scholarship, various aspects matter, so please check for that as well.

  • Entry Requirements

You must hold academic records that include secondary school records and post-secondary school records. You will also need to have English Language Proficiency. If you have nursing or health as your background, you can learn fast and become full-fledged for disability services. 

  • Which Institution to choose?

Now, there are many institutions to pursue individual support disability courses, especially,  Certificate 3 in individual support disability and  Certificate 4 in individual support disability. These institutions follow the guidelines and have subjects mentioned by the government, but they do operate with their own rules and regulation. However, finding the best one that suits your need and choice is the ultimate drill. 


What is the scenario of Certificate 3 in individual support disability in Perth?

Perth is the fourth most populated city in Australia. Not only that, but Perth is widely regarded as Australia’s ‘Education City,’ and it is an attractive study location for overseas students studying STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

In fact, Perth is a safe place to live, as the people here are warm and supportive. 

Another compelling reason for international students to choose Perth is the abundance of work prospects, particularly in the five areas: mining, resources, and energy; government and defence; education and training; community services; and manufacturing, transportation, and logistics. There is also an increase in demand in the healthcare business.

As a result, courses like Certificate 3 in Individual Support Disability and Certificate 4 in Individual Support Disability are becoming increasingly popular. 


Why choose Bright College to pursue Certificate 3 in individual support disability?

Bright College is a nationally recognised educational institution that prepares students for their careers. We provide certified qualifications in Business, First Aid, and Community Services. Under our Community services, we offer CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support, a popular disability support worker course. 

At Bright College, we provide high-quality education for students who want to pursue a Certificate iii in individual support(disability). We equip students with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Further, for internships, we help them work in residential aged care facilities, home and community care organisations, and disability care organisations. 

The faculty in Bright College are highly experienced trainers and assessors, emphasising more on the practical application of the courses and the techniques so that students’ career growth graph goes upward while their horizon to earn more gets bigger. We offer this course offline, i.e. physical classes, 3 days per week. The fee for Certificate III in Individual Support(Disability) at Bright College is around 2500 AUD, but deserving students can be offered scholarships.  

So, if you are looking for a better future with the completion of CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support in Perth, then Bright College is the best college in Perth. Visit our website for further details and contact us if you have any concerns or queries. 

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