5 Reasons To Choose Community Services Short Courses In Australia For International Students 

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In childhood, our seniors and parents asked us to be involved in community service for a moral and religious deed. Still, we never had an idea that we could have an opportunity to work as community workers, earn a  respectable life and have a well-paying job. There are now opportunities to become professional Community Workers and earn well. For that, you need to have a degree in community service and skills. 

Additionally, people who are passionate about contributing to their community should pursue community service courses without second thoughts. So, what are community service courses in Australia? We’ll figure it out on this blog. 




What is a community service course?

A Community Service course is a course designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to work in the community service sector in both residential and community settings.

In most cases, community service course is more focused on aged people and people with disability. Upon completion of the community service course, candidates will be able to address the client’s needs, including social, emotional, psychological and practical support.

The community service course, from the perspective of practical application, prepares a candidate for work in a position that encourages them to fully comprehend the social policies and community development features needed to enhance and assist the lives of others. 


Is a community service course a short course in Australia?

Yes, Community Services courses in Australia are short course as the maximum time for completion is 2 years. These short courses are particular: 

  • Certificate 3 in Community Service, also known as Cert 3 community services, certificate iii Community service  
  • Certificate 4 in Community Service, otherwise called also known as Cert 4 community services, certificate iv Community service  
  • Advanced Diploma in community sector management 


What are the community service courses in Australia?

  • Cert 3 community service

Certificate iii in community services (CHC32015)  is one of the support worker courses that give training to candidates to become community service workers. Graduates of this course are equipped with professional skills to support individuals via person-centred services within community settings and in community-based programs. 

More About Certificate iii in community services

The course has a total of 12 units, with 5 core units and 7 elective units. With this course, you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge on: 

  •  Facilitating the empowerment of older people 
  • Managing personal stressors in the work environment 
  • Communicating in health as well as community services, 
  • Providing sexual and reproductive health information to clients 
  • First aid in the remote or isolated site  
  • and many more.  

With these skills, you become an effective volunteer, work with diverse people and add value to people’s lives. Moreover, with cert iii in community services, you will become an entry-level community services worker to help them have premium person-centred services. 


  • cert 4 community services

Certificate iv in community services(CHC42015) helps you build a career as a community services worker in areas like alcohol and other drugs, child protection, juvenile justice, mental health and more. In addition, you can provide professional care and support to people in achieving their goals and even get involved in drafting community development strategies for the organization you will work for. 

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More About Certificate 4 in community services

The course has a total of 15 units, with 7 core units and 8 elective units. You will be provided with theoretical and practical knowledge on: 

  • Facilitating the interests and rights of clients 
  • Assessing co-existing needs 
  • Using communication to build relationships 
  • Working legally and ethically with diverse people 
  • Developing and maintaining networks and collaborative partnerships 
  • Working on health and safety 
  • and many more.  

When you complete Certificate 4 in the community services course and graduate, you will be prepared to perform the duties of a community service worker while offering support, advocacy, or interventions to specific clients, groups, or communities across a range of services.

When you first enter the workforce, you can be expected to oversee teams of people working on various community service, casework, or case management initiatives. 


  • Advanced diploma in community sector management

With this qualification, graduates can work independently and undertake a range of functions which includes management of a specific program or project or broader management of a community-based organisation. In the advanced diploma of community sector management (CHC62015), there are 13 units with 8 core units and 5 elective units. It will equip you with knowledge on: 

  • Managing and promoting diversity 
  • Managing legal and ethical compliance 
  • Developing, implementing and reviewing quality framework 
  • Leading the work team and managing organisational change 
  • Managing innovation and continuous improvement 


  • Bachelor of community services

Bachelor of Community Services is a 3-year-long educational journey. It is a fully accredited Australian higher education degree. The course prepares you for ethical, competent, and culturally relevant community service practice focusing on individuals, families, groups and communities.  

Bachelor of Community Services provides you with professional community services and strong foundational knowledge and skills in community services management. After earning a degree in Bachelor of Community Services, you can work for child welfare, hospice and palliative care, juvenile justice, corrections, and advocacy.  


Community services courses online vs community services courses offline

Studying community services courses online can allow you to plan your work and personal commitments around your study schedule. Most of the online community services offered also include a work placement, where you’ll have the opportunity to gain work experience at a host organisation of your choice. You can look for study assistance and our helpful online study guide, then use the apply now link where you see the online study option.  

Whereas studying community services offline or taking a physical class can bring good value as it can give you direct exposure to the facilitators and classmates. Learning can be fun and long-lasting with physical classes. Moreover, you can collaborate and work on projects and give/take help from them.  


5 Reasons to choose community services short courses in Australia for international students

After completing community services courses, you are eligible for job opportunities with good pay and other offers. With a degree in Diploma of Community of Services, you can relish numerous benefits. Let’s look at what those benefits are. 


Community service courses are cost-effective short courses

A community service course doesn’t take a long time like a bachelor’s program. Also, the cost of the course is quite less. It costs somewhere between 1000 to 2500 AUD; the fee depends on the college and its rules. So, pursuing community service courses is a better choice for international students in Australia. 


 With Diploma in community service, you have the power to change the lives of people.

As a community support worker, you can work for people and their daily lives. Through your professional service, you can improve their quality of life. Additionally, you will aid in community-based services and programs by fostering change, coming up with solutions, providing unconditional support, offering information and resources, etc. 


Community Service is a growing industry.

Aged care facilities are growing. In Australia, there are a lot of disabled people, which increases the demand for caretakers. As a result, the service and care sector will grow and have a high demand for professionals. With your Diploma in community service or other related certifications, you can have incredible employment opportunities, earn good, and at the same time help the community. 


You will enjoy job flexibility and job satisfaction.

You can perform formal employment in a variety of contexts as a community service provider. You can work at a mental health centre, an elderly care facility, a centre for people with disabilities, a refugee and asylum service, a family protection agency, a child and adolescent protection agency, and many other places.

Further, community service is a rewarding career choice. Moreover, Community Workers, upon sharing happiness, can feel a great sense of job satisfaction.  


Community Service workers address the real issues of people.

Community service professionals come into contact with the social, psychological, and emotional aspects of persons who are dealing with a range of challenges. As a result, performing community service effectively needs excellent mental and emotional fortitude and devotion.

Therefore, you will be dealing with genuine issues and problems and should offer the most suitable services to the suffering or service-seeking individuals. Interestingly, you are now standing up and working to make society a happier place through your career. 


Why should international students opt for Bright College?

For international students who are in search of the best Community Services Courses in Australia, Bright college is here! 

 At Bright College, we offer CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support in Ageing, Disability, and Home and Community. With this course, we aim to produce community workers who provide support to individuals who may require some professional assistance due to an ageing, disability or some other reason. We offer this course  Face-to-Face, i.e. 3 days per week in college. Here, the cost of Certificate III in Individual Support (Home and Community) for international students costs around $2600. We do have offers for students. 

Please contact us to learn more about the cert 3 community services course. The communication department at Bright College will provide you with details. 

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