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Every one knows “What are First Aid and its importance”. First Aid is crucial in every area: home, school, care houses, and Workplace. With timely First Aid, we can save the life of an employee or a colleague who can, unfortunately, suffer from an accident. Further, to earn a fully certified tag as a first aid expert, one has to make some First Aid certificates. In this blogger, we will cover more about the importance of first aid certificates in the Perth is important in Workplace. 




What is First Aid Certificate? 

A first aid certificate is a recognized certificate that shows an individual has completed training for certification in First Aid. These certificates are typically awarded to people who are not employed in the medical field. Upon completion of first aid training, which also includes CPR training, an individual is usually prepared to help a sick or injured individual until emergency medical help arrives. It is not so difficult to earn a first aid certificate, but an individual must complete all training and instruction in delivering the best first Aid for not only minor injuries but potentially life-threatening ones. 


Types of First Aid Certificates in Australia 

Some first-aid courses in Australia are : 

  1. Provide cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) (HLTAID009) 
  2. Provide basic emergency life support (HLTAID010) 
  3. Provide first Aid (HLTAID011) 
  4. Provide First Aid in an education and care setting (HLTAID012) 
  5. Occupational first aid skill set (HLTSS00068) 
  6. Provide First Aid in remote or isolated sites (HLTAID013) 
  7. Other Courses (accredited) such as Provide Advanced Resuscitation and oxygen therapy (HLTAID015), Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis (22578VIC), and Course in the Management of Asthma Risks and Emergencies in the Workplace (22556VIC). 


Salient Features of any First Aid Certificate in Australia 

  1.  First Aid Courses in Australia are free from gender or age bias. 
  2. First Aid courses involve many theoretical classes along with practical demonstrations. 
  3. Trained professionals teach first Aid classes and training.  
  4. Every First Aid course possesses a unique First Aid approach. 
  5. With a First Aid course, you will be able to instantly notice the difference between First Aid situations and emergency medical conditions. 
  6. First Aid training teaches you the skills to provide instant cover and relief. 
  7. After completion of the first aid course, you will understand the First Aid Action Plan, DRSABCD, that guides all First Aid incidents. 


First Aid Training: A Brief Explanation 

First Aid training is driven by the 3Cs: check, call, and care and the 3Ps: Preserve life, Prevent Deterioration, and Promote recovery. What comes under the training, then? The following training is included in first aid training. 


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Understand the scene, condition and severity of the complication 

Here, the injured person’s mostly physical condition will be understood and provided with immediate first aid service. After identifying what exactly has happened, the severity of the victim will be checked. Immediate first Aid will be provided as per the level of how deep the person’s suffering is. 


Perform basic life support (BLS) 

Here, training to identify and deal with life-threatening scenarios, such as treating an unconscious victim, administering CPR, stopping bleeding, and handling other grave conditions, are given. 



Under Resuscitation training, skills and knowledge to perform cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on a casualty who is unconscious and not breathing normally are imparted. Further, candidates will be taught about the correct way to do CPR on an adult, child, or infant. 


Proper handling of a defibrillator (AED) 

AED stands for “Automated External Defibrillator,” a lifesaving machine that will restart the heart when it stops. Under this training, students will be taught when and how to use an automated AED. 


Provide First Aid in an isolated or remote site. 

Under this training, First Aid is given to bushwalkers, climbers, canyoners, cavers, outdoor/adventure instructors, or people who work and live in remote and isolated locations.  


Why is a first aid certificate in Perth important in the Workplace? 

As we all know, accidents can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone, whether at home or at the Workplace. In fact, some work settings can be extremely dangerous and make employees vulnerable to accidents. Thus, if the company employs any first aid expert, the impact of the accident can be reduced immediately. Let’s check on the major reasons why a first aid certificate is important in the Workplace. 

  • More aware, more alert 

From understanding minor cuts and bruises to giving CPR to save lives, First Aid Courses cover all. You become more aware of safer approaches and the environment and also ask others to do so. This can help in drastically lessen the frequency of injuries that may occur in the Workplace. 

  • You can save lives. 

 CPR and first aid training services also serve to take care of those around you at work. In fact, the skills and training make you competent and inspire you to save lives and do your social responsibility. Making the first aid action during grievous injuries and situations calms the injured and somehow prevents great losses. 

  • You earn professional First Aid Training and skills.  

To do something and to do something correctly are different, and so is the case with CPR and other first aid acts. With these first aid certifications and courses, you will have the knowledge to do professional and proper ways to administer CPR and First Aid, which will increase the chances of an injured person’s survival.

  • You will take as well as information about precautions. 

Knowing CPR and First Aid can significantly help in providing a sense of security in the Workplace. Having a first aid expert in the Workplace is important to inform about possible accidents and the precautions to be taken when eliminating or lessening the chances of unpleasant accidents. 

  • You will feel the satisfaction of your contribution. 

One can experience absolute satisfaction in learning new skills, especially ones that are practical and specialized. In fact, anyone can earn first aid certification- there is no certain age bar. To make it short, when you save people’s lives, you fulfil your social responsibility and feel good and satisfied about your contribution. 


FAQs about First Aid Courses in Perth 


What is HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid?  

HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid is one of the most comprehensive first aid courses available in Perth. This equips students with the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to a casualty. The first aid course is helpful in providing services, including in community and workplace settings. HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid, including CPR training on infants, children and adults; properly assess an emergency and DRSABCD; use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED); administer first Aid for eye & soft tissue, legal responsibilities of a first aider and many more. 


What is the course length of the First Aid Certificate? 

It depends on the provider, as each training provider can have customized training formats. The Provide First Aid course ( HLTAID003) takes 1 to 2 Days to complete, while Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLTAID009) is 3.5 Hours. You should do homework and assignment, some online or some on workbook training, before getting face-to-face training.  


How long is First Aid Certification valid? 

Generally, the First Aid Certificate is valid for three years, whereas the CPR certificate is valid for 12 months. In fact, after completion of this validation time, you can anticipate First Aid Certificate expiry and renewal. 


What about First aid certificate renewal? 

 Safework Australia and the Australian resuscitation council (ARC) recommend that getting or keeping your First Aid and CPR skills updated or renewed is crucial. To add more, you must get a First Aid certification renewal on time, i.e. for First Aid certification every three years and for CPR- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation every year. For First Aid Course renewal, you can opt for an in-person class first aid training near you or get registered with a local first aid trainer for a blended learning course. 


What about a senior first aid certificate? 

Senior First Aid is now known as First Aid HLTAID011, where a first aid student acquires the practical skills and information necessary for emergency first aid response, casualty management, life support, and more. Senior First Aid is also the bare minimum standard of proficiency for Workplace first aiders. 


What is the cost of a First Aid certificate? 

Talking about the cost of first aid training, typically, the First Aid course (which includes CPR) costs between $100 and $130, whereas the CPR refresher course costs between $50 and $70. 


Finding the best institution that offers the best first aid course in Perth? 

Understanding the need for First Aid and providing people with immediate help in various workplaces, various healthcare and education-related institution in Perth are more into giving First Aid certificates and courses. Thus, students might have to research well and find the best institution to study the First Aid Course in Perth. So, you can have a checklist of different aspects to get covered when selecting a first aid course in Perth. The checklist should have the following: 

  • Time: Shorter Duration of time for course completion 
  • Receiving Certificate: The day you will start the course the same day or one day later, you should get your First Aid Certificate 
  • A Nationally Accredited Certification Provider 
  • On-site training availability  
  • Flexible training to suit your needs 
  • Experienced and professional trainers 


Why choose Bright College to pursue a First Aid Certificate? 


Bright College is an educational institution in Perth, passionate about imparting education to students. The college values the importance of precise learning and equipping students with both theoretical and practical knowledge in order to become competitive and the best candidate for their desired industry of working.  

National and international students living in Perth who want a  pursue a first aid course and earn more can join the First Aid Certificate at Bright College as we provide you first aid training certificates of:  

We make sure our training and classes always abide by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) and other Australian national clinical bodies. At Bright College, the teaching method is Face-to-Face with online learning. Besides, all these our fees are affordable as well. In a nutshell, the best college for first aid certificates near you in Perth is probably BRIGHT COLLEGE. 

So, join Bright College, earn your First Aid Certificate, and be a professional saving people’s life.  

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