Aged Care Training in Perth- The Ultimate Guide

Aged care courses are popular courses in the healthcare sector of Australia. According to sources, the number of elderly people in Australia is expected to reach 20% of the total population by 2047, and the number of persons aged 65 and over will have risen to 12.8 million by 2097. (24 % of the population).

This will certainly make up for the high demand for aged care workers in upcoming years. Thus, having an aged care certificate will be an opportunity to earn extra cash and help elderly citizens.

Studying aged care courses in Australia boosts your passion for helping some of the most vulnerable people in the community- The Elderly People.

In addition, Aged Care Training Services are provided by training providers dedicated to creating a love of caring. With an aged care certificate and hands-on experience in aged care training, you will change the lives of yourself and the aged people. 

Once qualified and equipped with aged care training and skills, you will find meaningful employment in the healthcare industry, vast career opportunities, and a handsome salary.

The whole journey of acquiring a certificate in aged care is a beautiful experience, and by the time you will finally have to work as a professional in the aged care sector, you can certainly look up better opportunities to flourish. 

In this blog, we will discover aged care training in Perth and other cities of Australia in detail.

Why earn aged care training in Australia?

After completing the aged care course followed by aged care training, you are able to do the following activities:

  • Provide care and support in specialized needs to aged people living with unique medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other critical cases.
  • You can connect with the elderly in a special way, hear their stories, and also make a difference by providing that human connection that so many people so crave.
  • You can help the elderly live a happy and healthy life. Moreover, you can also help to empower the elderly, helping and maintain their previously active lifestyle as much as possible.
  • You can have numerous opportunities for a rewarding career such as Home care/personal assistant, Respite carer, Community aged care, Aged care worker, etc., in-home care facilities, hospitals, clinics, and even residential aged care establishments.
  • All these career opportunities in aged care are well-paying.

How to start aged care training in Australia?

In order to get aged care training in Australia, the first and foremost thing to do is look for an aged-care course. Most of the time, these courses offer strong and competent aged care training in Australia.

Available aged care courses and certificates in Australia offer compulsory placement opportunities where students can get aged care training.

So, the basic process is: Get enrolled for aged care courses, devote to learning skills and knowledge, and carefully and wholeheartedly do the activities in placements.

Are there free online courses for aged care workers?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO!!!

Online aged care courses are not accessible since they require a large amount of practical experience to acquire the certificate; candidates must attend college classes.

The placement centers are normally a 45-minute drive away from the aged care training colleges where aged care courses are offered.

Thus, pursuing aged care courses in Perth, getting into placements, and aged care training will assist candidates in honing their abilities and putting them into practice.

As the practical placements progress, students will have the opportunity to get feedback from supervisors. This further allows students to strengthen their aged care abilities, graduate with flying colors and earn aged care training course in Perth.

Talking about free aged care courses, chances of getting them are pretty slim, but there are opportunities to earn scholarships. However, you have to research well and apply for such scholarship schemes.

Qualities of great aged care training institution in Australia

  •  Check for accreditations and affiliations to follow all the directions, rules, and regulations of the board and basic standards of quality and validity of the available study programs.
  • Their pedagogy must be adopted and adaptive for effective teaching to students.
  • They must provide internship opportunities to safely expose you to build practical strengths on earning the best from aged care training. 
  • Placements, and entry to the corporate world to advance your career, boosts your confidence in learning aged care training institutions. So, always investigate aged care institutions’ approach to Job connections/Placement Support.
  • Soft skills like Communication ability, Adaptability, Teamwork, Empathy, Patience, and Time management should also be taught.

Find the Best Aged Care Training Provider in Perth

Any aged care training provider in Perth or any city in Australia focuses equally on theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

All of such training providers focus on producing A-listed Aged care workers; they do have differences in various terms, and that is what contributes to making them different from each other.

Here are some points that students should reckon while looking for the Best Aged Care Training Provider in Perth:

  • The faculty members in the College
  • Availability of facilities for students
  • Placement offers for aged healthcare
  • Reputation in the healthcare industry of Perth
  • Affordability and scholarships(if available)

What should I expect from a training program in aged care?

After completing aged care training in Perth or any other city in Australia, you can expect a better grip on knowledge, skills and the following activities/aspects:

  • Support older people to maintain their independence and emotional well-being
  • Work effectively with older people
  • Provide support to people living with dementia and meet personal care needs
  • Deliver care services using a palliative approach
  • Work effectively with culturally diverse clients, disabled clients, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders, etc.
  • Provide strong support and care relating to loss and grief
  • Contribute to WHS(Work Health and Safety) processes
  • Establish effective workplace relationships as well as community sector work environment

In a nutshell, with an aged care training, you will have:

  • An aged care certificate- A qualification that makes you sellable in the healthcare service sector.
  • You get to specialize in meeting professional qualifications for the complex care needs of older people.

How much does aged care training program cost?

Aged care courses and training costs in Australia vary in terms of aged care courses, area of study, colleges, and many more. On average:

  • Certificate III in Individual Support can cost around 1000 to 2000 Australian Dollars. 
  • Certificate IV in Ageing Support costs around 3000 to 4000 Australian Dollars.
  • For Dual Certificate (with Certificate iii for aged care and certificate 4 for aged care) costs around 4, 000 to 4,500 Dollars.

These costs may vary for international students.

Qualities of a great aged care training institution in Australia

  • Recognized and Market-oriented Accreditations and affiliations; basic standards of quality and validity of the available study programs.
  • Adoptive and adaptive pedagogy for effective teaching.
  • They must provide internship opportunities to safely expose you to build practical strengths on earning the best from aged care training. 
  • Best Placements, entry to the corporate world to advance your career, to boost your confidence in learning aged care training. 
  • Pre, during and post support for aged care training students. 
  • Focus on soft skills like Communication ability, Adaptability, Teamwork, Empathy, Patience, and Time management.

How to get a job after completing training in aged care in Perth?

Check for Placement Offers

  • Normally placement is offered by the institution on aged care institution and it is non-negotiable. It must be completed within 3 weeks.

Get Your Aged Care Certificates

  • After completing all modules, exams, 3-week work placement, and being marked competent, students should collect their aged care certificates.

Practice Competency

  • You should apply for aged care homes, hospitals, or other health centers and start working as an entry-level aged care professional.

Apply For Better Opportunities

  • If you are offered a better salary and facilities in your entry-level jobs, you can continue. But if you get better opportunities, just go for it; Better salary and benefits are waiting for you.

Similarities between a Nursing degree and an Aged care training program

Both, Nursing degree and aged care training programs are educational programs that are devoted to teaching students to professionally help aged people to maintain and improve physical health and psychological conditions.

The origin of both subjects/courses is the health care industry.

To add more, both of them are provided with hands-on practical training to earn exposure and apply their skills practically.

All in all, both health programs are directed at easing aged people’s lives and adding some healthy and memorable memories to elderly people’s experiences.

All in all, both are the popular aged care jobs in Perth and other cities in Australia.

Difference between a nursing degree and an aged care training program


Nursing Degree

Aged Care Training program

Time Duration

Normally a Bachelor’s degree requires 3 years.It can be completed from 9 months to 1 year.


Higher (In Australia, the average registered nurse pay $80,000 per year or $41.03 per hour.)Comparatively Lower(In Australia, the average registered nurse pay is $80,000 per year or $41.03 per hour.)


Highly recognised and respected

Comparatively lower on this aspect

Background of studyScience or even nursing background is a must.

Students from any background can take this course.

Level of KnowledgeThey have in-depth knowledge of human physiology as they are knowledge and practice in the medical field.

Aged care professionals are trained people, but they can have comparatively poorer knowledge, especially biological aspects.

Challenges in Aged Care Training in Perth

It’s not an easy job for you to provide aged care services and your clients seeking aged care services. There are improvements needed for aged care providers’ capability and their working conditions.

Aged Care Courses are people-centric and are mostly customizable packages. Further, candidates in aged care should always focus on giving their best of the Aged Care services.

Although challenges are there, passion, dedication, and the urge to build a strong future will certainly ease your journey to get aged care training in Australia. You have to have good communication skills, patience and listening skills to your clients’ needs. 

Popularity of aged care training among International Students

The health industry in Australia, particularly aged care sectors, has some of the strongest future job growth prospects. It is predicted that there will be steady growth in aged-care jobs in upcoming years.

To add more, the aged care courses offer flexible work time and good pay.  This thus makes international students get attracted to Aged care courses and training.

Further, international students can opt for Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing), Certificate IV in Individual Support (Disability), and Dual Certificate III in Individual Support and Certificate IV and complete them within some months.

Aged Care Courses and Training at Bright College

You can find many colleges and relevant organizations that are registered for Aged care courses in Perth, Western Australia.

They continually improve and customize our training to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry at both corporate and individual levels.

As an educational institution, we ensure to make our students competent in aged care courses, especially Certificate iii in aged care and provide them with strong based on aged care training.  

At Bright college, we do not offer free online aged care courses; we provide face-to-face classes.

We suggest aspiring aged care students ditch the idea of aged care online classes as it is rarely available and if it is available also, they will give you no benefits.

Such online aged care courses can do not offer enough exposure to aged care training and you will miss out on the hands-on experience.

Why Bright College?

We are among the colleges that have the best aged care courses in Perth. Our academic faculty and the placements will offer aged care candidates the best facilities to gracefully earn aged care certificates in Perth.

International students looking for aged care training in Australia, we are here for you.

To add more, we offer quality, practical, workplace-based training with a wide variety of fully compliant and regulated aged care training programs that meet the needs of the health and community services sector.

We offer flexible learning options with rolling weekly intakes for our Certificate III in Individual Support.

Just contact us and we will have an easy journey to earn aged care training and certificates.