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Most people think disability support worker jobs are easy, but it is not. To support individuals with a disability, disability support worker jobs were created.

With Disability support workers, aged and disabled people and their range of daily tasks are addressed and assisted.

Further, their help is a must for each disabled person in Australia, as Nearly one in six Australians have some sort of disability.

In this blog, we will cover aspects that are found and witnessed on the journey of becoming a disability support worker.




What is a disability support worker, its importance, and what role?


A disability support worker is a professional who cares for and assists persons who have mental health issues or physical limitations. 


Importance of disability support worker


A disability worker has three areas of support: household, personal care and emotional support. In Household Support, your service depends on the nature of your client’s disability, assistance with domestic chores and transport.

While in personal care support, a disability support worker provides daily personal care such as general hygiene, dressing or support.

And in emotional support, a disability support worker becomes patient, understanding, compassionate and empathetic to their clients. 

The disability support worker helps in making support for people with physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, mental health needs, learning disabilities, and autism.

Disability support workers hold the skills to enable people to conquer their fears and challenges whilst boosting confidence. Becoming a disability support worker is one’s choice.

But if one chooses to have a great career in this field, one can check on disability support worker training and the benefits disability support certificates bring.

Moreover, becoming a disability support worker is all about getting skills and knowledge acquired from disability support worker courses and training and eventually promoting independence and improved mental well-being for a diverse group of people. 


Role of  disability support worker


The role of disability support workers is to support disabled people in achieving their goals. They should have the will to learn more and, at the same time, build a good rapport in order to help someone achieve their goals.

Sometimes becoming a disability support worker can ask you to think outside the box and bring up your personality, skills and interests for the best help to someone you support to achieve their goals.

To make it short and crisp, a disability support worker is more than just a job because a disability support worker’s role is to provide the best service and zeal to live and function well among people with disability, provide them individualised and self-directed support, and aid in adding value to their life.


Who is an NDIS disability support worker independent support?


A disability support worker, according to the NDIS office, is someone who is employed or otherwise engaged in delivering NDIS support and services to individuals with disabilities.

Individual Disability Support Workers can be self-employed, employees, contractors, consultants, or volunteers. 

A Disability Support Worker can assist you in gaining access to the community through community participation, life skills training and development, travel, and participation in recreational and social activities such as social clubs, art classes, parks, libraries, etc.


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Independent support worker NDIS


Being an independent support worker is a fulfilling profession. An independent support worker ndis is self-employed, and they can conduct their job without jeopardising their own or others’ safety. Independent support workers must also consider insurance and pay rates.


Is there any career as a Disability support worker?


Yes, there is !!

People who are adaptable, committed to facilitating people’s independent choices, and good communicators can pursue a career in disability support work.

A career as Disability Support Worker is promising as you can gain money for your service and respect and love from your patients. 

Whether for your first work or a shift in your career, you can opt for a career disability support worker, which promises you opportunities for learning, helping, and changing lives.


How to earn a disability support worker certificate and training?


There are several courses provided by Australian Universities that can help you with learning about disabilities.

Some are: Through My Eyes( prepares to extend perspectives to offer a voice to persons with disabilities), Able-Minded – Mental Health and People with Intellectual Disability( to teach the complexities of diagnosing issues in people with intellectual disabilities).

You can also find open colleges and online disability support worker courses.


There are 2 devoted disability support worker courses that also serve as training and give you disability support worker certificates.


Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) 


Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) is included under disability support worker courses. Certificate III offers the necessary training to work in a community and/or residential setting providing support to persons with disabilities.

The rising disability sector is a significant and gratifying industry that provides a variety of employment possibilities.

A total of 14 units ( 9 core units and 5 elective units ) and a minimum work requirement of 120 hours are required to be awarded this disability support worker certificate.


Certificate IV in Disability 


It is a specialised course and training program that will allow you to work with more freedom and competence in disability assistance, allowing you to work in a supervisory or more specialised capacity.

Having this disability support worker certificate, you can gain skills and information that will help disability workers finally enable a person with disabilities to reach better levels of independence, self-reliance, community involvement, and well-being.

A minimum of 14 units (11 core units and 3 optional units) and must have completed at least 120 hours of community or home-based employment to get a Certificate IV in Disability- A disability support worker certificate. 


What is the disability support worker’s salary?


As per Talent.com, the average disability support worker’s salary in Australia is $64,350 per year. This shows that the average disability support worker’s salary in Australia per hour is $33.

For entry-level positions, a disability support worker’s salary is $57,925 per year, while the experienced ones can make up to $76,569 per year. The disability support worker’s salary, on average, is $36.00 per hour in Perth, Western Australia.


*Note: $ means Australian Dollar.


What will make a disability support worker’s resume and cover letter great?


After acquiring knowledge and training and disability support worker certificates, now is the time to find disability support worker jobs. Well, you can find numerous disability support worker jobs in Perth.

In addition, your certificates and qualification may not impress recruiters if your disability support worker cover letter and disability support worker resume is not proper.  

Starting with a Disability Support Worker Resume must include presenting your relevant work history and skills that can entice hiring managers.

A good disability support worker’s resume combines soft skills like building, compassion, and communication.

For a strong disability support worker cover letter, you must keep the content short and simple, have a formal tone with the use of an active voice and be free from grammatical errors.


Can I find disability support worker jobs in Perth?


Yes, You can.

You can find Disability support worker jobs online with various offers in the distance, timings, and other facilities.

But whenever you apply for disability support worker jobs in Perth, make sure of the culture of the area and get your disability support worker CV and resume in big forms.


Finding a perfect institution to become a disability support worker 


As a Disability support worker, you must commit to people’s rights and wish to support them with compassionate nature. While you have some basic skills needed to become a Disability support worker but it is not enough.

To make a career and get a Disability support worker job, you must get Disability support worker certificates and training from a good institution. But what makes such an institution worthy?

Well, they must have the following qualities:

  • Provide students with adequate classes with clear and helpful content
  • Encourage and solve the doubts of students right away
  • Enhance their client-dealing skills along with soft skills and technical ones
  • Teach students to respect what disabled people deserve.


To add more, if you want to become a disability support worker or a community support worker, then it would be much better to get a disability support worker certificate and training from an institution that promises your growth.

Such institutions provide hands-on training in counselling and have expert instructors with years of experience in the field.

Well, we hope we have helped you answer your questions about the disability support worker course in Australia along with the certificates and training program.


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