How do individual support course help to get a job in Perth, Australia? 

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Individual Support courses can greatly assist potential and current national and international students. Further, individual support disability courses are designed for individuals who are working or wish to work within the community and/or residential settings. They are professional healthcare workers whom we can trust.

Let’s look at the individual support courses and lucrative jobs you can get after completing them.




What are individual support courses?

Individual Support courses are the courses that prepare students to provide thoroughly planned and make fully-individualised plans to provide person-centred support to ageing people, people with a disability or some other conditions.  

Some Major Individual Support courses in Australia are: 

  • Cert 3 in Individual Support

Certificate 3 in individual support (disability) also includes studying: 

  • Knowledge, attitudes, and values are necessary for delivering quality support services. 
  • A broad spectrum of practice involving individual support. 
  • Current philosophies and approaches to disability individual support. 
  • Ethical and legal aspects and provisions are to be considered when providing services. 


  • Certificate IV in Individual Support (Disability)

Certificate IV in disability is a little more advanced version of Certificate III in individual support and offers students more comprehensive training and increased skill in assessing and diagnosing a variety of disability-related issues. 


What are the skills students will have with Certificate iii in individual support?


After completing cert 3 individual support, you will develop skills that include: 

  • Providing precise individualised support and plan 
  • Give individuals independence and assist well-being 
  • Soft skills needed to work in health or community services 
  • Practical work experience with diverse people 
  • Recognise Australian health-related official bodies and systems 
  • Safe, secure, and supportive work practices for direct client care 


Is cert 3 in individual support good for international students?


Yes, it is!!!
To justify why cert 3 in individual support is good for international students, we have the following reasons: 

  • It is a short course that takes a maximum of 2 years to complete. 
  • The course is affordable. The highest fee for the course is around AUD 3000. 
  • After completing the course, you can start working as an entry-level individual supporter for a disabled individual. Entry-level candidates can earn up to AUD 56,784 per year. If you continue to work and become an experienced one, you will earn up to 70k AUD. 


What are the other benefits of Cert3 individual support for the community?


  • Make a positive impact on people


By completing a Certificate III in Individual Support course, you have the chance to start or advance in a fulfilling job where you may make good money and improve lives.

Additionally, you’ll play a role in constructing more resilient communities that accommodate every person’s needs. In fact, you organise and carry out programs to strengthen their independence, organise and carry out trips, domestic chores, and many other activities. 


  • Immense employment opportunities


The core skills covered by Certificate III in Individual Support include communicating, offering person-centred behaviour support, working with different individuals, and promoting community engagement and inclusion. These abilities are crucial since they may be used in the health care and community services sectors, increasing your job options. 


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Jobs you can get after completing Certificate 3 individual support in Perth


After completing Certificate 3 individual support, you can earn opportunities to work. Moreover, you will be offered a variety of jobs. Let’s learn about them in detail. 


  • Aged Care Worker


An aged care worker provides elders and the elderly who require assistance with daily duties with personal, physical, and emotional support. The specialists help the elderly with daily tasks such as getting dressed, shopping, cooking, eating, going for walks, and taking part in social activities. 


  • Respite Care Worker


When the primary caregiver becomes overburdened and needs a break for their own well-being, a respite worker comes into action. In essence, you are assisting the caregivers in taking a little respite from their duties so that they may focus on other matters unrelated to the person who is in need of their care. If you work as a respite care provider, you can supply the required care temporarily so the caregiver can take a break. 


  • Personal Care Worker


Personal care workers offer both emotional support and practical help to help-seeking individuals. Completing paperwork, delivering prescriptions, taking patients to appointments, offering company, and setting up transportation are also included in the job description of personal care workers. Additionally, a personal care professional includes monitoring and communicating housecleaning, and wellness-related tasks. 


  • Disability service Worker


Individual Disability support workers assist in a variety of daily duties for the elderly and disabled. They offer care, monitoring, and assistance for people with disabilities in the home, residential facilities, clinics, and hospitals. Also disability support workers also help with personal hygiene facilitation, mobility support, cleaning, etc. 


  • Home Care Worker


Home care workers offer in-home assistance to clients, including the elderly and individuals with special needs or disabilities. They are in charge of promoting clients’ freedom, way of life, and overall welfare. Overall, all responsibilities focus on food preparation and cooking, transportation, errand running, prescription administration, and many other things. 




  • Is Certificate 3 individual support government funded? 


The State Government funds Certificate 3 in Individual Support through the Subsidized Training List. It does, however, apply to Australian students studying in Australia. Additionally, they must fulfil eligibility requirements in order to be eligible for government-funded Certificate III in Individual Support tuition. 


  • Can I study for Certificate 3 individual support online? 


You can join both physical and online modes to take Cert 3 in Individual Support Disability. With online classes, you can enjoy the flexibility of managing your personal and work schedule, but a consistent approach is essential to stay on track.   

But if you want a full-fledged learning experience, you must opt for physical classes. In fact, a reputed college offers Certificate 3 in Individual Support Disability course in physical classes with their specialists, facilitators and trainers to cover learning content in real-time and provide hands-on experience. 


  • Is Certificate 3 in individual support courses a short course? 



In general, the duration for theoretical classes dedicated to Certificate 3 in individual support courses depends on part-time and full-time. The part-timers would need 10 months, and full-timers with 5 Months. 

Additionally, one whole year will be dedicated for traineeship to full-timers, while part-timers would have 2 years for a traineeship. 


Finding the best College for Certificate 3 in individual support course?


There are numerous colleges offering their Certificate iii individual support in Perth. They do have their own way of operating and teaching students about the course. Some offer their courses online, while some choose physical classes. All in all, these colleges focus on equipping every student with the best skills and knowledge needed to be a good and responsible health worker in future.

Further, after earning some skills upon completion of Certificate 3 in the individual support degree, you will witness numerous gates of opportunity to work and earn better. While options are numerous, finding the best-suited one is difficult. 


Choose Bright College for Certificate iii individual support in Perth


At Bright College, we offer CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support for Ageing, Disability, Home and Community, and Ageing, Home and Community. With our experts in the field, practical classes, and other required academic activities, we invest our effort and time to produce qualified healthcare workers for individual support. Our graduates are equipped with a range of factual, technical and procedural knowledge, as well as some theoretical knowledge to provide person-centred support. 

Moreover, we intend to produce experts in individual care who are technically equipped, have soft skills, and are highly dedicated professionals to provide maximum individual support and hence take responsibility for their own outputs. All in all, we make strong Certificate III individual support graduates who can do their best at every opportunity they get and never miss a single opportunity to make lives happier, more meaningful, and wholesome. 

So, if you are in search of a college that provides you Certificate III individual support in physical classes while making you equally comfortable in learning, practising, and applying all the principles and tips, then Bright College is your ultimate stop. 

For booking your seat for Certificate III individual support, you can contact us!!

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