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Do you want to embark on your journey by starting your own business and becoming your own boss? If you are someone willing to challenge yourself by creating small wins to build great victories, then this is for you. 

Starting a new pathway or a new career can feel overwhelming and intimidating. But if it is backed by passion, enthusiasm, and a spirit to learn the skill set you require, you should consider it a steppingstone for building a foundation to start your own business. 


General overview for small business in 2023 

Considering the uncertainties in the Global economy and shifting market conditions, business organisations can face unpredicted challenges. Rising Inflation and the threat of recession remain, which leads to an increase in the cost of living and Operations.  

Small business owners should always be hopeful and looking forward to a brighter year-2023 when it comes to their business and become optimistic about useful Government schemes. Having said that, always be prepared for any entrepreneurial circumstances that might come up. 


support small businesss

What is considered a small business? 

Any individual/sole trader, partnership, company, or trust can be considered a small business if less than 20 full-time individuals work there. The number of people working/ the definition of business size can matter as it can affect the amount of tax you pay. 

As a small business owner, you will have more freedom and authority over how you would want to operate your business. You can be an independent advocate for your own small business and even create opportunities and empower people across the globe. 


Some Challenges small businesses can face. 

Today, small businesses can face a lot of Entrepreneurial challenges that might be a hindrance to rising. 

Some major Challenges that any business may face start from struggling to develop a plan to failing to find the right business model plan itself. Lack of capital funding/ retaining remains a secondary challenge as acquiring the appropriate industrial skills and knowledge remains primary.  

Lack of Time Management, Financial Management, Cost Management, and Ineffective marketing are some existing Challenges prevailing in the business industry. 

Collaborating and hiring the right human resources, the right team, and like-minded people who qualify with the same vision to deliver the best helps businesses to thrive and grow exponentially. 

Recent studies also show that small businesses may not put their attention on being targeted by cybercriminals, but that is not 100% true, as small businesses do not even require a lot of time, effort, and resources from cyber criminals. Hence, security awareness training becomes important in any industry. 

Finding skilled human resources/employees despite being an Employment Opportunity provider has been another challenge in most of the fastest-growing small business organisations. 


What should small businesses focus on? 

Even though Tech skills and Marketing skills (including digital marketing) are the backbones of any business in this tech-driven era. Human skills like Communication, Leadership, Social Intelligence, Teamwork, and other soft skills are irreplaceable by technology.  

To stay ahead of the curve, always sharpen your skill sets with different relevant courses, training, and skills. Keep updating yourself if there are Government funded schemes and training too. 

You, as a business owner, should always keep room for innovation. Even if you operate as a small business, you do not have to think like a small business. 

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat Analysis is substantial too. Small business owners note that the secret to your successful business is excellent customer service, focusing on customer satisfaction that leads to customer retention. So, you will also need to learn to put the client’s needs first. Engaging in communications and building strong relationships can set you apart in a highly competitive industry. 


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Government-funded small business course  

There are many Courses in Australia, funded by the Government as per the regulation, that offers you a wide range of course content, and you may be eligible for the funded course and meet the requirements.  


Government Funded Courses 

Government grants are free-funded programs to help you launch, grow and upscale your small business. 

The Australian Government is dedicated to working on the shortage of skilled human resources nationally and internationally.  

Hence, the Government focuses on providing various funding options, courses, and training for students across Australia. In addition to that, subsidies and loan options are also made available to those who are eligible.  

NSW Government includes subsidised courses with many Certificate IV, and you may be eligible to apply.  

It is more convenient if you are an Australian/ New Zealand national, but you can always check if you are eligible for Government funding. 

-You can also check Tafe Courses that include Government funded courses and training in business course content like bookkeeping and Management. 

Learn which Government funds your courses and check your eligibility online. 


Eligibility Criteria for Government Funding 

To understand the eligibility criteria for Government Funding within Australia, you must: 

  • Be an Australian citizen, or 
  • Have a permanent Resident of Australia holding a permanent Visa, or 
  • Be a New Zealand Passport holder living in Australia for over six months. 

Additional eligibility criteria may vary on individual schemes provided by the Government. 


How does Government funding work? 

The Australian Government (state and territory) provides grants and funding for setting up businesses and expanding its operations. 

To fill skilled gaps by creating more jobs, Government funding helps students with diverse courses that include funded courses related to a range of business topics too.  


Why should you study business courses in Australia? 

From experienced industry experts, Australia has been a top-notch quality program provider in this fast-racing business and marketing industry. Explore courses, cultures, places and most importantly, yourself with flexible and low-cost tuition fees, including many Governments funded courses and training.  


Build Networks and Experiences Worldwide 

Australia not only helps you explore leading firms and Multinational companies but also delivers you worldwide networks and experiences. This can be taken as an inspiration and motivational factor to do your best in your business. 


Wider course Contents and Specialisation 

This can be an advantage in your foundational skills that adds up to rewarding opportunities in your business. Sharpen your skills through your interest and passion in Australia. 


Excellent standard of Education 

Australia offers you one of the best resources with practical implementation to unlock your potential to launch your small business- both nationally and internationally. After you explore your Entrepreneurial mindset, it helps you take motivational steps, create attainable goals, and eventually shoot for the stars. 


Up-to-date and business industry-related Curriculum. 

Businesses (including small businesses) play a vital role in any Economy globally. Studying Business gives you an insight into how companies work and operate. Australia also provides you with a flexible workforce that might help to improve your productivity. 


What Qualifications do you need to start your business? 

Bright College offers many businesses relevant courses in a positive, interactive, and innovative learning environment. In addition, it provides you with top career opportunities after undertaking studies in Business. CRICOS CODE: 03945D and RTO CODE: 45752. 

Bright College provides a competitive learning environment with the primary objective of helping you build a career in the Business World. 

Certificate IV in Business helps you in the career prospect for the role of Business Administrator to Administrative team leader. This course can be relevant if you are willing to develop skills and knowledge on complex administrative/ operational tasks for your small business.  

This course provides the expertise, skills and knowledge required in business operations. You can enrol in this course and qualify as a business owner and the team leader your business needs. This course is a complete package if you want to work as a Program Consultant, Program Coordinator, or even corporate service manager.   

This course provides a business course that focuses on Sales and operation management to customer service management. Learn to manage staff performance and make staffing decisions with us before you launch your small business.  

Explore our range of courses with world-class educational experienced experts and be the best at what you do! 


To Sum Up

Essential training and professional courses take you a long way when launching your small business and teach you to become a lifelong learner with an empowering outlook in your industry.  

 Get the skill and knowledge you require and find out if you are fit for a small business Government fund with a decent amount of work. 

 Believe in yourself. Launch your own business and take that one step forward that brings you closer to your Entrepreneurial journey. Some of the best course enrolment for a successful small business is mentioned above too. 

 For more depth and details, we are always here to help you gain in-demand skills for your small business. If we want to know more about Government Funded business courses, you can Contact us with just one click. 

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