Top 5 Tips to choose the best aged care courses in Perth 

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If you think that you can make a good aged care worker, then you must look for good aged care courses as these courses make you a professional support worker for elderly people.

Further, aged care courses enhance your knowledge in giving ample care for the aged people and further successfully offering the services to meet elderly needs.

In most cases, students in Australia opt for a diploma or certificate or courses in aged care in Perth as these courses help them become capable of handling and supporting the elderly, disabled, and other community members that live in assisted aged care establishments or just elderly in residential homes. 

Moreover, aspiring aged-care workers need to know more about smart tips to choose time-worthy and rewarding aged-care courses in Perth. So, we have come up with a blog offering professional tips for finding the best-aged care courses in Perth. 


Aged Care in Australia: An Overview 

The current population of Australia is 26,175,834, where 14 % of Australians are above 65 and above. Further, Australia’s older generation (those aged 65 and over) continues to grow in number. Older people with disability include both people who acquired their disability at an early age, as well as those who acquire disability with age.  

Australia is also concerned with the aged dependency ratio (ratio of people above working age to the workforce of a country). As per the latest report in 2022, the aged dependency ratio in Australia is 20.7 %.  

This thus makes Ageing of the population creates both pressures and opportunities for Australia’s health and welfare sectors. Thus, old age population growth and ageing people need special care, and this is mostly given by care workers. Moreover, this has also given growth to the aged care industry in Australia. 

The aged care industry hence has different degrees of support and kind of service required. Such aged care service would include an Individual Care Plan (residential setting), a Home Care Plan, or a Domestic Assistance Plan (community setting). 


Aged care course – Need of the Australian society 

As we discussed, the number of aged people in Australia is increasing, and hence the demand for aged care has increased. These aged care courses are hence here to grow the number of professionals who would later specialise in residential aged care, home care, disability care, personal care, and community care. So, when the number of aged care workers increases, more aged people can relish their professional help. 

Talking about Aged care, courses are specifically crafted with the syllabus, training (funded training and registered training), and internship, which demand students to complete at least 120 hours of work placement in desired or designated aged care facility. This internship always works to strengthen their skills and knowledge to be professional in the field. Thus, to well serve the ageing population, the production of highly professional aged care support workers is needed.  

Further, to facilitate happiness for seniors and offer person-centred services, you can pursue aged care courses. 


Why are Aged-care Courses for international students: The Pool of Opportunity? 

There is a huge demand for Aged Care and related services due to the increasing aging population. International students looking for job opportunities and a good career in Australia that offers good pay can opt for Aged Care, which is possible with aged care courses and can expect to enter the world full of employment opportunities. 

The rewarding career prospects of aged-care courses for international students are: 

  • Professional Aged care workers 
  • Specialists to identify and treat elder abuse. 
  • Personal Care Worker 
  • Care Service Team Leader 
  • Care Supervisor 
  • Residential Care Worker 
  • Coordinator of Volunteers (Services to older people) 
  • Community Program Coordinator 

 Further, when you work in the Aged Care industry, you may feel having a nursing degree is a better pathway that can lead to individualised services.

In fact, these aged care courses, compared to Bachelor’s and Master are short courses. Once you enter professional aged care services, you can have a pool of opportunities to serve, earn, and enjoy. Moreover, as an international student and as a human being, you will be helping senior Australians, which is a matter of fact to help Australia’s aged population to get professional assistance that eases their lives.   


Key Qualities of qualified aged caregivers after completing aged care course in Australia 

A job in elder care can be fulfilling on both a professional and personal level. Being a qualified elderly care provider thus requires a variety of abilities and traits. Your chances of increasing your salary will grow as you develop more desirable attributes.

Thus, after earning the qualification and certification of a liable aged carer, you will have some key skills and knowledge. Aged care courses and services are always person-centred, which will later help you in serving the elderly with either home or community-based care.

Though different from the disability course structure, students can enrol in any aged care course to develop some key qualities. Let’s look into such qualities. 


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Develop the importance of connection 

Working in senior care will need you to speak with the elderly frequently, often one-on-one, so you must establish trusting connections. This connection requires you to hear the stories of people to share about their loved ones, difficulties, and other topics. Thus, as a qualified aged caregiver, you must be strong to develop a connection with the elderly according to their needs. 


Strong resilience 

The ability to successfully acclimate to demanding or severe life circumstances is known as resilience. Every professional, especially those who work in elder care, must be resilient. In fact, working with the elderly can occasionally be emotionally draining, but with time and practice, one learns to be incredibly resilient. Such fortitude enables older caregivers to offer comfort and emotional support to senior citizens. 


Wider Perspective on Life 

Perspective is one quality that age, communication, and life experience all unquestionably bring, impact, and develop. With older individuals, you’re sure to hear some really smart and uplifting things. While some may be overly conventional and old-fashioned, others might teach you valuable lessons. As a result, you will gain additional life perspective and knowledge. 


Strong independence 

Working at an elderly care facility is a terrific approach to retaining and growing your independence since you’ll notice how eager the residents are to be independent despite their old age and infirmities. 


Make preparation for mental well-being. 

If you work in elderly care, you will undoubtedly respect mental well-being because the majority of elderly people you will be caring for experience organic mental health disorders. You may definitely learn to value your own mental health and make sure to take precautions to safeguard and nurture it. 

In short, you will teach, learn, and care all at the same time when you pursue a career as an aged caregiver. 


Why are Aged Care short courses impactful? 

Students do have the option to proceed with aged care courses; they can either opt for the nursing courses, which are very time-consuming, or short courses, which are fast to finish. Elderly Care short courses allow people to acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise for a new career path in the aged care profession in less time. And we all know the lesser time, the more chances to get a job and earn dollars. 

Another point is that people with full-time jobs often choose diplomas and certificates over university degrees since they don’t require students to devote themselves to full-time study while having no option for flexibility. Moreover, a diploma or short aged care course’s flexibility of learning, which allows students to learn at their own pace, also makes short aged care courses to be popular. 


All Major Aged care courses in Australia 

Whether Melbourne or Perth or Sydney or wherever in Australia, once you choose aged care courses, you will be obliged to serve individuals, homes and communities. Not only that, but these courses make you eligible for various job openings in a reputed or any local aged care centre. Let’s look into such important aged care courses. 


Certificate 2 aged care 

The Certificate 2 in Aged Care program is designed to give students the fundamental information and skills they need to either transfer into a traineeship at the Certificate III level in the Community Services industry or to work in the aged care profession. 


Certificate 3 individual support ageing 

Certificate iii in individual support (CHC33015) is a popular aged care course that has a total number of 13 units, where there are 7 core units and 6 elective units. You have to choose from 4 specialisation courses, i.e. elective to choose in Certificate iii individual support ageing: 1) Facilitate the empowerment of older people, 2) Provide support to people living with dementia 3) Meet personal support needs and 4) Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures.  

Well, another burning question about Certificate 3 individual support (Ageing) is, “How long does it take to complete Certificate 3 in Aged Care?” The simple answer is, “Everything relies on your study schedule- Full-time student or part-time or a combination of to earn your cert 3 in aged care”. However, if you study full-time, it should take 26 weeks, i.e., six months. But if you have opted for part-time, it takes you a maximum of 8 months to a year to finish a Certificate III in Individual Support. 

 Talking about the course cost, international students may have to pay from AUD 7000 to a maximum of AUD 10,000; however, it all depends on the college you will choose. 


Certificate iv in ageing support 

Certificate IV in Ageing Support can help you develop the aged care skills you need to handle specialised medical duties, such as treating age-related disorders with palliative care. With the knowledge you get from this course, you will be able to assist seniors who are disabled or not, enforce safety work procedures, and assist seniors who have age-related mental conditions like dementia. 

Certificate 4 in aged care has a total of 15 units, where 10 core units and 5 elective units are included. Certificate 4 candidates will also be taught to be culturally aware and practice respect while handling medication, people with alcohol and other drug issues.

Further, students will have a good understanding of the use of Information and technology in the field, along with team coordination, supervision and organisational support. 


Cert 3 Community Services 

The function of entry-level community service professionals, who help people by providing person-centred services, is covered in the course Cert. 3 Community Services. Also, in this course, students can learn how to promote the empowerment of seniors. It is also available online courses.  


What about the Aged Care Course TAFE? 

In order to strengthen practical skills and prepare them for real-world scenarios, aged care students at Tafe will be educated in simulated working conditions. You can start a supervised work placement in an aged care organisation since aged care courses are delivered by trained, industry-experienced individuals. You can pursue Certificate III in Individual Support and Certificate IV in Ageing Support at Tafe. 


Can I find aged care courses online? 

Yes, you can find colleges offering face-to-face only or face-to-face and online combined classes on aged care courses. You can see Face-to-Face Day and Night Classes.

Talking about online classes, the theory component of the course will be given online, and you can study in your own time. Every week, trainers will be accessible online for continuous support through webinars and customised feedback. However, you have to take the practical and complete the credited hours for work placements. 

But the experts in aged care courses and services reveal that because the nature and end goal of the course is very specific and depend on the nature of each individual client, learning online won’t give good results.

So, with physical classes, students can enjoy the in-situ classroom and get a better picture of what they are studying.

Another factor in going for physical classes is that when a candidate opts for online courses claiming part-time study, then it will affect their internship period in aged care and eventually increases the time in completing the course. So, if possible, go for face-to-face aged care courses for a better learning experience. 

All in all, you must get enrolled in aged care courses in any nationally recognised institution to become a qualified aged care worker who has aged care service knowledge, owns a range of skills and has the drive to make a rewarding and fulfilling career ahead. 


5 Top Tips to Choose the best-aged care courses in Perth 


Time period: how long is the course? 

It is crucial to take into account how long the course will take to complete so that you can dodge the course that is time-consuming. Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community) course will take 26 weeks, while Certificate IV in Ageing Support will take 52 weeks to complete. So, check the completion time of the aged care course and proceed as per your preference. 


Which course is popular and offers a rewarding career? 

One can choose a course that is popular and rewarding after understanding the job and career prospects of a course. Enrolling in popular yet in-demand aged care courses in Perth will enhance your chances of getting a job and earning more. Moreover, the aged care course you choose must train you with the right skills to be a qualified aged care worker. 


Is training provided? 

An aged care course’s curriculum includes theoretical and practical aspects, whereas the practicals include training and placement. Certain hours, mostly 120 hours, are set for practical training/ work placement to help you get placed and work in aged care facilities. The best course will offer you learning by doing, i.e., good training and work placement, which paves your way to more professional exposure. These things will guide you in the right direction in the aged care industry. 


Is the future scope of the given course better? 

The ratio of aged care workers and the ageing population is comparatively unsatisfactory, thus creating a shortage of qualified aged care staff. This makes aged care courses to be essential for a rewarding career in aged care services in the present and future. So, choose the aged care course that has a lot of scope for you in the coming years.  


The right institution for the courses 

In order to be properly trained, picking a suitable institute is essential. Thus, a proper college that offers full-fledged aged-care courses is the only place to go if you want to acquire the best knowledge. The organisations that deal with providing assistance for the elderly will be connected to these institutions. In addition to developing crucial skills, you’ll get situational awareness. 


Finding the right institution to pursue aged care course in Perth 

There are hundreds of colleges offering aged care courses in Perth to match the number of aged care workers with the aged population in Australia. Because of these many numbers, the daunting task of finding the right institution certainly emerges. All in all, you can consider any institution as the right institution to pursue an aged care course in Perth if that institution possesses the below-mentioned qualities. 

  • It must be a nationally recognised educational institution. 
  • Cover all curriculum in a given time with all the theoretical and practical aspects covered. 
  • Offer 120 hours of work placement in aged care homes. 
  • Not just impart knowledge but train to yield qualified aged care providers. 
  • They are resourceful, i.e., have adequate reading/study material to enhance learning; they have physical or e-library. 
  • Offer all available aged care courses (major ones). 
  • Accept both Australian and international students for the courses. 

Owing to all such qualities, we have Bright College in Perth, which offers courses in Business, Community Services, and First aid. 


Why choose Bright College for an aged care course, especially for cert 3 individual support ageing? 

Bright College is a leading college for Certificate 3 individual support ageing courses in Perth. Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers and assessors offer present aged care industry needs and standards to help students develop a high level of confidence and carry out their working activities, functions, and responsibilities as qualified aged caregivers in future.  

Under our Community Services Courses, we are offering CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support on Ageing – Disability, Home and Community, and Ageing, Home and Community. For international students to pursue cert 3 in Ageing, they must attend the classes Face-to-Face 3 days per week for 26 weeks (about 6 months). The fundamental requirement to study CHC33015 for international students are:  

  • Candidates for the aged care course must be at least 18 years old 
  • Have satisfactorily completed Year 11 or equivalent 
  •  Proficiency in English, i.e. IELTS, as per the industry standards. 
  • Have some required documents 

Also, Bright College believes in respecting every international student’s social, cultural and emotional welfare. The college also offers a variety of fun and enjoyable activities and opportunities to bring refreshments.  

To know more about us and our courses, you can stay in touch and contact us. We will revert and get into a proper consultation so that you can be clear about the course and other aspects of the college. 


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