Aged Care Course in Perth - A Complete Guide

Under the social service and health care category of courses, aged care courses in Australia are popular. Professionally serving the seniors, who have lived their life and long for some assistance in their late adulthood, can be a wholesome combination of humanity and a pure white way of earning.

In 2023 and beyond, aged care courses are expected to be quite in demand and trend as they offer the core certification for in-demand jobs in Australia.

So students who are seeking to pursue a career that not only yields them good income but also brings a sense of service must opt for aged care course in Perth.

All in all, aged care courses in Australia are one lucrative and promising area of study for international students who are planning to study in Australia.

What is aged care: An Overview

Aged care is referred to as support for elderly people in their homes or at an aged care (nursing) facility. In Australia, the elderly care system is for people aged 65 and up (including Indigenous Australians aged 50 and up) who are unable to live independently in their own homes. 

It can involve assistance with daily tasks, health care, accommodation, and more. In-home care, residential care in nursing homes, and short-term care are all included in aged care services (respite care). 

Various elderly care services are offered by the Australian government to those who qualify. Aged Care is administered by the Australian Government’s Department of Health (DoH).

To be a professional in aged care is similar to bringing good opportunities to prosper in Australia and help seniors. 

Thus, any Aged care course in Australia is a lucrative and promising area of study for international students who are planning to study here in Australia. 

Aged care is a sensitive topic as it encompasses taking care of senior citizens who have ailments in health or opt for professional help.

Why is the aged care course in Australia popular?

In Australia, the Aged population is high, and families in Australia are nuclear. Thus, aged people are bound to be alone and they can’t take care of themselves, and even their children(due to various circumstances) can’t take care of them, and thus the government hires some professionals to take care of them.

These professionals, in order to support aged people, need to complete aged care courses. Thus, we can say that aged care courses in Australia are in-demand and are quite promising for international students from earning perspectives.

What are aged care courses in Australia?

Talking about aged care jobs in Perth, there are major 3 courses.

Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)

This is one major aged care course in Australia that focuses on giving physical and emotional assistance to older persons, thereby increasing their independence and wellbeing. 

The course teaches students about all facets of the function of a support worker, such as assistance with everyday tasks and personal care.

Certificate IV in Ageing Support

This is another crucial course and is also known as certificate 4 in aged care. After completion of this course, support workers get specialized in tasks related to aged services.

 Those with this certificate in aged care can work in residential, hospitals or communities. After completing this aged care course in Australia and getting in the field, you must maintain quality in service delivery, especially in individualised service planning and delivery.

Dual Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) & Certificate IV in Ageing Support

This is a one-of-a-kind aged care course in Australia that combines Certificate III and Certificate IV components. 

Candidates who get this certificate in aged care have the skills and knowledge to give person-centered support to those who may require assistance as they age. 

This aged care certificate follows a customised strategy to give person-centred support.

Are there any aged care courses online in Australia?

Australia offers a range of quality higher education, aged care courses, online, distance learning and in-class.

 Those looking for convenient online aged-care courses in Australia can enroll at their desired college or institution and study these in-demand online aged care courses. 

However, most such courses are delivered face-to-face(physical classes) as it involves practical skills and training to get real-time experience and learning.

Where can I get any free aged care courses in Australia?

Yes, you can enjoy free aged care courses but with the help of Job Trainer.

In Australia, you can study a free or low-fee course through Job Trainer. The Australian Government has established the Job Trainer Fund in collaboration with partnering state and territory governments. 

JobTrainer offers free or low-fee vocational education and training (VET) courses to eligible candidates. VET courses can be diplomas, certificates and short courses. 

How long does it take to complete Aged-care in Australia?

Certificate III Individual Support -Ageing  includes13 different units to study. To own certificate iii in aged care, it can take up to 6 months.

Talking about another course, Certificate IV Disability contains 14 units of study, 1 unit more than certificate iii in aged care, and higher intensity coursework.

Getting a certificate 4 in aged care can take you up to 12-month to complete. Both courses, certificate iii in aged care and certificate 4 in aged care, are available part-time or in a blended format.

Why pursue an aged care course in Australia?

  • International students from any stream can opt for Aged Care courses in Australia.
  • Aged Care courses in Australia are no longer than 9 to 12 months and also need very less investment.
  • Aged Care courses in Australia are particularly practical and provide aged care related theories as well as hands-on experiences. 
  • All aged care courses in Australia encompass compulsory work placement at a certified aged care facility as training.
  • When you join an age care agency with a certificate in aged care, you are sure to get a job. The best thing is that if you wish to do the work on weekends, you will get numerous benefits. This is normally:
  • Your salary x 1.25 AUD per Hour (Saturday)
  • Your salary x 1.75 AUD per Hour (Sunday)
  • Your salary x 2 AUD per Hour (Public Holiday)
  • Your salary + Allowance ( Afternoons)
  • You get excellent overtime to earn money
  • Earning a certificate in aged care and working in this field of aged care in Australia will help you in earning a wonderful experience to bring a positive impact on seniors’ life.

Who should take an aged care course?

Well, not everyone is interested in serving aged people, but those who really want to bring happiness to ageing people’s lives and at the same time earn a good sum of money can go for it. 

You do need a certificate in aged care, but besides that, certain natural factors make you a strong candidate to take an aged-care course in Australia and eventually become a qualified Aged Care Worker. 

These natural factors are positivity, respect, service-orientated, and empathy.

Besides passing an aged-care course with flying colors and having the natural factors, you need to have good communication and listening skills, multi-tasking skills, responsiveness and flexibility, and support and care.

How do I become a qualified and good Aged Care Worker?

Well, now you have got the idea:

  • Qualification requirements for an aged care worker include relevant courses: Certificate III in Individual Support or Certificate IV in Ageing Support.
  • Personality traits including empathy and support
  • An attitude to work and bring ease to the lives of ageing individuals.

So, the general pathway to becoming an Aged Care Worker is 

  • First, complete any available aged care course in Australia.
  • Complete training and placement
  • Apply for aged care jobs in aged care homes or agencies that pay well.
  • Serve your clients well.

What is the average cost of an Aged care course in Australia?

The cost of a Certificate III in Individual Support course ranges from AUD 1000 to 2,000. The typical course price for the Certificate IV in Ageing Support, on the other hand, is higher, ranging from 3,500 to 4,000 Australian dollars. 

Additional costs, such as student service and resource fees, may apply. Most of the time, international students are offered full time to study these aged care courses in Australia. 

International students can be charged different fees based on locations, applications, and enrolling procedures than students who have permanent status in Australia. 

The policy of scholarships and other facilities may be available for international students, but it depends on colleges’ policies and the Australian government’s guidelines on education and training.

What is the average salary of aged-care professionals?

The average hourly pay for an Aged Care Worker is AUD23.76, but the range of AUD 21 – AU$30 is also seen. A bonus from AUD 20 to AUD 700 can be earned.

To dig deeper and how much exactly each level of aged-care worker earns, let’s look into average salary, on an hourly basis and after total compensation:

  • An entry-level Aged Care Worker with less than 1-year of experience is paid AUD 22.77. 
  •  Aged Care Worker with 1-4 years is paid AUD 23.60.
  • A mid-career Aged Care Worker with 5-9 years of earns  AUD 24.22.
  •  An experienced Aged Care Worker with 10-19 years e of work experience earns AUD 24.51. 
  • An Aged-Care worker with more than 20 years of experience, an employee earns AUD 25.

What is the condition of aged-care courses in Perth?

Aged care courses Perth and aged care professionals are high in demand as one can see a tremendous increase in the count of elderly or senior citizens in Perth and across Australia.

To help such senior individuals, you can get enrolled for a Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing) or Certificate IV in Ageing Support are nationally recognized courses. 

When you earn either Certificate III in Individual support or Certificate IV in Aged care or a combined course, you can look forward to a rewarding career. 

In fact, pursuing an aged care course in Perth will enable individuals to grab a lucrative opportunity- get a job in an aged care home or a hospital-  and earn good money and, at the same time, help elderly people. 

All in all, pursuing  Certificate III in aged care and certificate 4 in aged care course will benefit your present as well as future and help you stay around the elder people and learn daily through their life experiences.

If you talk about the cost of aged care courses in Perth for international students then the average fee range of AUD 1000 to 2000 is for Certificate iii in aged care and a maximum of 4500 AUD for certificate 4 in aged care. 

However, the cost can vary from college to college but it wouldn’t be too high, but somehow different than the average fee range, most of the time higher.

Why Choose Bright College to pursue an aged care course in Perth?

At Bright College, we offer Certificate III in Individual Support in Ageing, Disability, Home and Community. 

At Bright College, we offer Certificate III in Individual Support(Ageing)- An important aged-care course in Perth. 

The fee for certificate iii in aged care here is around AUD 2600. But online aged care course at Bright College in Perth, Western Australia, are not available, but it is also available in Face-to-Face or physical classes 3 days per week. 

To achieve this certificate, you must complete at least 120 hours of work placement.

[For further information, you can visit our course page.]

Further, at Bright College, instructors guide students in all the work to do their job professionally. 

We ensure our students get training and are fully engaged in all the activities throughout the entire process of owning a certificate for the aged-care course in Australia. 

The Alumni of Bright College state that the journey to pursue the aged care course was exciting and challenging. The trainers and instructors are very welcoming and create a comfortable environment to learn and develop. 

So, if you are planning to pursue Aged care Courses in Perth, do remember Bright College, as we believe in making students qualified and competent for their careers as aged care workers.