Career Opportunities in Advanced Diploma in Business Administration for International Students

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Business management and administration are the cruces of a business for systematic flow, progress and sustainability.

In fact, business managers and business administrators are required to make a business (devoted to any industry) strong and have smooth management, maintenance, and modification.  

To provide you all with an extra dose of information about business managers and business administrators, we have come up with this blog. Let’s get started!! 




What are business administration and business management? 

Business management is all about the coordination and organisation of business activities.

Further, business management heavily deals with organisational operations and helps employees reach their top productivity levels.

In contrast to business management, business administration concentrates on corporate strategy and operations and ensures that businesses and organisations function effectively, efficiently and profitably. 

Popular Business Administration and Management  Education Programs 


  • Bachelor Program

BBA and Bachelor in Business Studies are the most popular Bachelor program in Business. In both bachelor’s programs, students study the holistic aspects of the business.

They can specialise in marketing, general Management, Marketing Management, Accountancy, Marketing Management, Travel and Tourism Management, Management Information systems, Management Science, Banking and Finance, and Industrial Management. 


  • Diploma in Business

Students who study business diploma are provided with a foundational education in core curriculum areas of entrepreneurship, fundamental economics, accounting, administrative tasks, and managerial processes.

Additionally, a diploma in business is helpful for business-focused students since it gives them a solid base for a successful entry into the competitive and powerful corporate world. 



BSB50120- The Diploma of Business is a popular advanced business diploma in Australia.

With this advanced diploma in business, you can improve your knowledge of company operations, teamwork, self-management,  problem-solving, effective communication, and continuous business development.

Students pursuing this advanced diploma in business receive solid theoretical business training and understanding. This understanding further helps them hone their abilities in various business roles. 


  • Certificate iii Business Administration

Certificate iii in Business Administration promises students great business opportunities.

In fact, Certificate iii in Business Administration provides students with a variety of competencies that require employing some discretion, judgment, and pertinent theoretical knowledge in business administration.

Certificate iii Business Administration has a total 13 number of units, where there are 6 core units and 7 elective units.

With this cert 3 in business administration, you can make specialisations in Customer Engagement, Business Administration, Medical Administration, Records and Information Management.  

Cert 3 in business administration’s elective units are grouped into: 

Group A – Technology  

Group B – Business Competence  

Group C – Teamwork and Relationships  

Group D – Customer and Client Engagement  

Group E – Business Administration  

Group F – Medical Administration  

Group G – Records and Information Management  

Group F – Medical Administration  

Group G – Records and Information Management  


  • Certificate 4 Business Administration

A Certificate IV Business Administration, popularly known as Cert 4 business admin, provides students with a broad knowledge of business administration and later inspires them to apply solutions with leadership and guidance.

A cert 4 business admin has 10 total units with one core unit plus 9 elective units. 


  • Online courses in Business management 

Talking about the Online Diploma of Business, there are many online courses in business that teach you the principles and methods of a business.

You can, in fact, own an online diploma of business and specialise in Organisational Development, Accounting, Business Administration, Business Analytics, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Project Management, etc. 

Why choose Australia for business studies? 

Most of the students who desire to study business management and administration in foreign land choose Australia as their destination.

The reason behind this is that many  Australian institutions that offer Bachelor’s degrees in business are included in the top 100 universities that deal with business studies.

The most interesting thing is that international students have the option to stay in Australia even after completing their Bachelor’s in business and pursuing further education. 


10 Career Opportunities For  International Students Can with an advanced diploma in business administration 

International students, when completing their bachelor’s degree or even the Diploma in business with Australian institutions, can have their careers in various positions in the business and management field. Not just pure management, but they can be in the management of any industry, from health to social media. 

Let’s look into 10 career opportunities that can be gifted by an advanced diploma in business administration 


  • Business Manager 

Business managers are largely in charge of running and overseeing the finances of a company or organisation. They guarantee an organisation’s finances are in order.

A business analyst earns AUD 110,169 a year, or AUD 56.50 per hour. You can become a business analyst with online business diploma courses. 


  • Business Analyst 

Business analysts are professionals skilled in assessing, reviewing, and enhancing a company’s or organisation’s internal procedures and operations.

In Australia, the average salary for a business analyst is AUD 110,169 a year, or AUD 56.50 per hour. You can become a business analyst with an online business diploma. 


  • Production Manager 

A production manager directs the whole manufacturing process, organizing all operations and activities. The average annual wage for a production manager in Australia is AUD 110,000, or AUD56.41 per hour. 


  • Entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurs are frequently viewed as innovators who are a source of novel concepts, products, services, and business models. In Australia, an entrepreneur can earn up to AUD 95,053 annually; however, this figure might vary as the start-ups can make progress within a month or may take years. 


  • Finance Manager 

With online courses in business management, you can become a finance manager. Finance managers are responsible for the organisation’s financial planning, budgeting, and spending.

In Australia, the average salary of a finance manager is AUD 129,490 per year or AUD 66.41 per hour; experienced finance managers can earn up to AUD 153,900 per year. 


  • Administrative Officer 


After completing your online diploma of business, you can become an Administrative Officer, where you will work to provide essential support to organisations and be responsible for administrative tasks ranging from facilitating meeting invitations to regular reporting.

The average administrative officer salary in Australia is AUD 67,884 per year or AUD 34.81 per hour, as per the latest figures. 


  • Sales team manager 

After completing your online diploma in business, you can become a sales team manager who is in charge of both the performance of the selling team and the sales performance of a certain item or service.

AUD 150,000 a year, or AUD 76.92 per hour, is the pay for a sales team manager in Australia. 


  • Team leader 

The average yearly wage for team leaders in Australia is AUD 96,893, or AUD 49.69 per hour.

A team leader provides coaching to team members, improvement of team flaws and strengths, sets team objectives, monitors team progress, and disputes resolution, and coordination team projects. 


  • Sales Associate 

Sales associates are involved in communicating and answering customers’ questions, solving product concerns, and sometimes acting as cashiers. On average, Sales associates in Australia can get up to AUD60,000 per year. 


  • Financial Planner 


A financial planner helps clients to make financial decisions and plan for future activities like retirement planning.

The average financial planner’s salary in Australia is AUD120,000, whereas fresh candidates are paid AUD100,000 per year, and most experienced are paid AUD130,000 per year. 

Qualities of a good institution that provides an advanced Diploma of Business  


  • Strictly follows the curriculum of advanced Diploma of Business with a practical approach. 
  • The academic faculty  has high research quality, powerful industry involvement and a real business background 
  • Diversity of students, along with the flexibility with the timing  
  • A well-defined business practical and program to develop future business leaders. 
  • They must have good placement offers for students. 


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What International Students Should Pursue Advanced Diploma of Business? 


  • Minimum age of 18 is required for international students. 
  • They must have a 5.5 IELTS or higher score (test results must be no more than 2 years old). Equivalent international English Tests are also accepted. 
  • They must have successfully completed an Australian year 12 equivalent. 
  • To determine their eligibility for the study, also students should take part in a course admission interview. 


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We also provide a welcoming learning platform and offer accommodation help upon early request. 

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