Disability Courses in Perth: A Complete Overview

Disability is any abnormal condition of the body or mind which makes it more difficult for the person to live a “normal” life. 

 World Health Organization identifies disability with its three dimensions:

  1. Any impairment in an individual’s body structure or function or mental functioning
  2. Activity limitation on sight, hearing, movement, or problem-solving.
  3. Restriction in Participation in normal daily 

Over 1 billion people – about 15% of the global population – currently experience disability. Coming to Australia, Over 4.4 million people in Australia have some form of disability, i.e. means, every one person in 5 people has a disability.

Among them, 17.8% of females and 17.6% of males in Australia have disabilities. Various courses are offered in Australia to help disabled people professional help and advocate and work for their welfare.

From a healthcare point of view, Disability courses are intended to ease the life of “differently-abled people” disabled people.

In this blog, we will get cover disability courses and disability support worker courses in detail.

What are disability support workers: An Overview

Disability support workers are professionals who provide support to people with learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, mental health needs, emotional support, communication difficulties and/or complex health needs to live independently.

A Disability support worker assists elderly and disabled individuals with their everyday duties, such as personal hygiene, mobility assistance, shopping, food preparation, housework, etc.

Disability support workers can work in homes, residential establishments, clinics and hospitals. All in all, qualified Disability support workers empower and encourage clients to improve their quality of life. 

Types of Disability support worker course in Perth

Disability support worker courses can basically be online and face-to-face. Both types of courses are intended to educate students about disability and issues. But face-to-face courses are much more effective as they enrich practical experience.

Let’s look into Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)  and Certificate IV in Disability,

Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)

The CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support program is aimed at students who want to work in the Support Services for People with Disabilities. Certificate III in Disability provides factual, technical, procedural, and theoretical knowledge to provide person-centred support.

Certificate III in Individual Support has a total number of 13 units where 7 core units and 6 elective units.

Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) includes topics to:

  • Provide individualized support and facilitate independence and well-being.
  • Communicate and devotedly work in health/community services.
  • Recognize healthy body systems and contribute to meeting personal support needs.
  • Practices direct client care to diverse people under legal and ethical considerations.
  • Work on infection prevention and control procedures
  • Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability.
  • Provide loss and grief support and support relationships with carers and families.

Certificate IV in Disability

The Certificate IV in Disability is a professional course that focuses on the skills required to provide care for people with disabilities in a community or residential setting.

Independence, self-reliance, and well-being are targeted in this course. Certificate IV in Disability consists of 14 units in total, 11 core and 3 elective units.

Certificate IV in Disability includes topics that covers to:

  • Provide individualized assistance and design service answers that are centered on the needs of the client.
  • Participation and social integration in the community should be made easier.
  • People with disabilities who have complicated needs should get person-centered care.
  • Provide services in the areas of client interests, rights, advocacy, and representation.
  • Use augmentative and alternative communication methods to communicate.
  • Assist with medicines and follow basic food safety measures.
  • Provide or assist with oral hygiene and use basic oral health screening tools

Dual Certificate III + IV in Disability

Dual Certificate III + IV in Disability has Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015) and Certificate IV in Disability (CHC43115). It is a course that is focused on study areas. This Dual Certificate can be completed in 6- 9 Months.

The dual qualification requires mandatory 120 hours of placement. 

Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) vs. Certificate IV in Disability

Differentiating points/aspects

Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) 

Certificate IV in Disability

What kind of people can pursue the courseIt is for individuals who have no prior and experience in disability care but are seeking a strong career in disability supportIt is for individuals who have the prior knowledge and training in disability care.
Total Units and ElectiveThey are 13 units where 7 core units and 6 elective units.They are 14 units in total, 11 core and 3 elective units.
Cost of the coursesFee for Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) is around $3000(in average)The average course fee for Certificate IV in Disability is around $4000.
The Career pathsCareer Pathways: Accommodation Support Worker, Assistant in Nursing, Care Service Employee, etc.Career Pathways: Behavioral support officer, Residential Care Officer, Disability Officer, etc.

Are there any disability courses online in Australia?

Some of the disability courses in Australia are available online. Some are explained below:

  • The Certificate of Disability Services from Australian Online Courses gives you the information and skills you need to offer person-centered assistance to people with disabilities.
  • The University of Queensland’s Able-Minded – Mental Health and Individuals with Intellectual Disability seeks to improve people with intellectual disabilities’ awareness of mental health concerns.
  • Introduction to Disability Awareness from Disability Learning focuses on raising disability awareness as well as the influence of society’s attitudes and stigma on disability.
  • Through My Eyes (University of Queensland) aspires to persons with impairments who, with the correct knowledge and help, have the potential and skills to live a normal life.

Where can I get any free disability courses in Australia?

Yes, there are free disability courses in Australia; you can search for them online.

Sadly, these free disability courses in Australia are not recognized in the market as much as Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) and Certificate IV in Disability.  

How long does it take to complete a Disability course in Australia?

Compared to the Nursing degree, such disability courses get completed in lesser time. For the Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, you need 3 years of sheer dedication.

But it is a lesser time frame for the disability courses in Perth and other cities of Australia. But the fact is that both Nursing courses and disability courses are much in demand as they are focused on improving the quality of life for disabled individuals.

Certificate III in Individual Support might take up to ten weeks to complete, while Certificate IV can take up to eight months.

Online resources are available, and students may be required to participate in simulated job activities on campus.

What are disability training programs?

Both the Certificate IV disability, along with Certificate 3 in Disability, is a great diploma in disability which include placement and training to professionally deal with people with disability.

There are independently operated disability training in Australia, offered by independent organizations to improve disability awareness and understanding. Some of them include:

  • Mental Health First Aid includes knowledge and skills to support an employee who may have a mental health issue or episode at work. 
  • Mental Health and Workforce Wellbeing is a course focusing on integrating people with mental health challenges into the workforce. 
  • Disability Confidence for Workforces is a course for employees who may be interacting with or delivering services to people with disability. 

How much does this disability training program cost?

Certificate 3 in disability can cost around 1000 AUD, and certificate IV in disability costs around AUD 4500. But the fee amount can vary drastically increase for international students.

In general, the total fee for each disability course in Australia for international students can be around AUD $12,000, and the secondary course fee is $3,500. The fee structure also depends on the college type, location, and facilities provided.

What is the average salary of disability support workers in Perth?

As per Talent.com, in Australia, the average income for a disability support worker is $64,819 per year or $33.24 per hour.

The starting salary for newbies in disability support is $58,490 per year, while experienced individuals earn up to $74,100 per year. The average hourly wage for a disability support worker is $36.77 in Perth.

What are the skills required to become a disability support worker in Perth?

You must acquire the skills of 

  • Patience, flexibility and empathy
  • Supportive, Adaptability and caring nature
  • Responsible for putting efforts into dignified lives to disables
  • Good communication skills; sign language can be an asset
  • Mechanism to cope with the demands of clients

In order to become a recognised and loved disability support worker in Australia.

How do I become a qualified and good disability Worker?

It’s simple just attain a recognized disability course, get proper training, devote yourself to the placement and activities and eventually acquire or sharpen the soft skills mentioned above.

Talking about being a good disability support worker, they always prioritise happiness of their clients.

In fact, you become a successful disability support worker when clients feel and articulate that apart from being professional, you-their support worker- did your best to help them have the best of their lives.

Challenges for disability support workers in Perth

  • Disability support workers typically face heavy demands and may experience many stressors.
  • Specific cultural factors for culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal people can affect the experiences of disability support workers.
  • Disability carers of people with complex needs, for example, multiple disabilities and mental health issues, have extra responsibilities.
  • Disability support workers with lesser support from the organization may experience emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and even depression symptoms.

Thus, future disability support workers must know about these challenges and stay prepared to tackle them gracefully.

However, with disability courses, namely certificate 3 in disability and cert iv disability, you won’t face a problem with job placement as disability support workers jobs are pretty high in demand in Australia.

What is the condition of disability courses in Perth?

Disability courses in Perth and disability support workers are high in demand. To help disabled individuals, you can get enrolled for a Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) or Certificate IV in Disability.

These courses are highly recognised disability courses in Australia. All in all, pursuing  Certificate III in disability and certificate 4 in disability will benefit you in earning some good money.

Coming to the disability courses cost in Perth, it can vary from college to college; in fact, international students are charged more i.e the cost is higher than for the native Australian candidates.

Find the best place for a disability support worker course in Perth

There are numerous colleges offering cert iv disability and certificate 3 in disability, but what makes one better than the other; in that case, you must look for the recognition of the disability care college in the Perth healthcare system.

In addition, the faculty members in the college, availability of facilities for students, and placement offers for disability care courses are other basic aspects that you, as a future disability support worker, should put in mind.

Further, the costs, affordability and scholarship should be checked before you embark on your journey as a student in disability support.

Why Choose Bright College to pursue a disability course in Perth?

Bright College thrives to become the one-stop solution for aged care and disability courses in Perth. We offer CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support in disability.

Our disability support care students are provided with the best training and placement opportunities along with the constant healthy push to ensure our students achieve their full potential. We do our best to prepare our students for a successful career ahead. 

The faculty and trainers ensure to produce the best disability support workers by prioritizing both theoretical and practical aspects of certificate iii in individual support disability.

In addition, our devoted team owns a global reputation for serving and supporting people with a disability.

The team of Trainers and Assessors in Bright College inspire and equip students with high competency and confidence to carry out disability support worker duties, roles and responsibilities and get accepted into the leading names in the great disability care industry.

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